How To Find Your Signature Scent

In these scent-laden times, where perfumes come in many different shapes, sizes and types, it can be difficult to know which is the right fragrance for you. Because any scent you or someone wears is likely competing for people’s attention and interest, whether in a social or professional setting.

Having a truly unique scent can help you stand out by complementing your personality and uniqueness. It is also about feeling comfortable with the fragrance you choose to wear. After all, if you don’t feel true to yourself, can it really be considered a signature scent? But how do you even choose one? And what’s the best way to find your signature scent?

What does it mean to have a signature scent?

It may sound like it's a little much, but what does it mean to have a signature scent? To put it another way, what fragrances should you not be afraid of wearing and why? Think about what you love: fruity, flowery or spicy aromas. If you're more inclined towards clean-scented perfumes, then think about a citrus scent. Do these scents make you feel good or bring back fond memories? Consider this when deciding on a new perfume, and you will know what it means to have a signature scent.

How do I know my signature scent?

The best way to find your signature scent is to consider what types of scents you like and which ones evoke positive moods and feelings. Scents can range from soft and subtle, such as floral, to strong and musky, such as rosemary or pine trees; from clean and fresh scents, such as limes or cucumbers, to earthy scents, such as cut grass or sandalwood; from sweet scents, such as chocolate or sugar cookies, to spicy ones, such as cinnamon or peppermint.

You will also want to spend some time experimenting with different scents and considering their purpose. Do you want a scent that can be used for every occasion or something more specific? Do you want something that will make people notice you when you walk into a room? Or do you like something more subtle, yet distinctly you? Below, we’ve got some tips to help you narrow down your search in finding your signature scent:

Consider your body chemistry

Most people choose perfumes based on the season or what’s popular at the time. But finding your signature scent means making a personal statement about yourself. So you might want to consider your body chemistry before you decide on your signature fragrance. A well-crafted scent will have different notes or layers that may react differently with various skin types. 

For example, if you have oily skin, it may be difficult to know how a perfume will smell since your body's natural oil mixes with the perfume's ingredients, resulting in a more distinct odour. Therefore, figuring out which scents might or might not work with your skin type can help you discover your signature scent.

Experiment with different perfumes

This should go without saying. It’s better to experiment with different fragrances than pick one at random or purchase the most popular ones. After all, how can you tell whether a perfume is your new signature scent if you haven’t tried or compared it to other fragrances? Remember, every person has different body chemistry, so maybe what smells good on one person doesn't smell good on another.

Try applying different perfumes and seeing which one fits best with your scent preferences. It might take some time, but experimenting with different perfumes will help you find your signature scent. If you're on a tight budget, why not try sampling some of our fragrances if you already have a type of scent in mind? It's less expensive this way, and it also allows you to try out a lot of different fragrances to find the one that feels perfect for you.

Spend some time getting used to your new scent

Take some time getting used to your new perfume. Once you find the fragrance(s) that fits best, try wearing it often so that you and your nose feel comfortable with the new scent and know what to expect when you put it on in the future. You'll also want to pay attention if anyone compliments how good you smell—this is usually a good sign to let you know that you’ve found your new signature scent. Now, if you like your new perfumes and want to continue wearing them, that's awesome! If not, it’s time to try something different.

Blend it with other fragrances for a truly unique scent

Finding your signature scent is more of an art than a science. It should be unique to you. One way to ensure this is by blending your fragrance with other scent types. This can be done in many different ways. You could layer one fragrance on top of another, or combine a few of your favourite fragrances with different notes to create a truly unique scent.

For starters, try mixing citrus scents like lemon, lime, and orange with floral fragrances like jasmine, rose, and lavender. You can also spice things up by combining nutmeg, gingerbread or cinnamon with woody perfumes like patchouli or cedarwood. The only limit is your imagination! In no time, you will have found your signature scent.