Charriol Perfume Samples


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The first fragrances by Charriol were launched in 2008. That were one fragrance for women Pour Femme Eau de Toilette and one for men, Charriol Pour Homme for men. The fragrances were first launched in Asia and the Middle East. Many other fragrances for women and women followed in the upcoming years. Charriol's flacons for women's flacons are characteristic of the brand – they are striking, circle-shaped, framed in Charriol's characteristic motif of spiral steel cable, with a relief in transparent glass.

Philippe Charriol described his style the following way: ‘I have composed my style as an alchemist: marrying classicism and modernity together, as a pleasant balance of sobriety and exuberance, but always attentive to quality and never losing sight of the functional aspect. I have further enhanced my watch collections to encompass a broad range of products which now include jewellery, leather goods, writing instruments, travel wear, eyewear, and fragrances. These affordable accessories serve to complete an image, a spirit, and a look, allowing customers to access the CHARRIOL universe with ease, before moving on to a more upscale acquisition such as prestige watch or a piece of gold jewellery.’