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Born in the south of France, fashion designer Christian Lacroix was destined from a young age to reside among those in the creative community . After high school in 1969 Lacroix studied Art History with the goal of becoming a museum curator but was later convinced that his artistic gift would be better suited in fashion design. Lacroix took a job with Hermes in 1978, next he next collaborated with the Tokyo Imperial Court on costume design, then with Jean Patou in 1981. In 1986 Lacroix left Patou to open his own house.

Under his own label his background in art history came to the forefront—colorful and elaborate designs with ornate sleeves, poufs and pleats was the norm for him. Always the impresario, Lacroix was often credited with saving couture in the late 1980s and early 1990s as his creations, inspired from fashion history, colors, adapted from the exotic Mediterranean and choice of fabric pairing provided colorful and photogenic subject matter for the media. Though praised for its beauty, Lacroix’s work was impractical and throughout its run, his haute couture never turned a profit. His last collection was shown in 2009.

Christian Lacroix first ventured into fragrances in 1990 and introduced the women’s perfume Bazar in 2002. In keeping with his style, Bazar is a somewhat unusual perfume—riding on a harmony of bright citrus and other fruity notes it is highlighted by a tinge of pepper. A gentle bed of unusual florals softens the scent giving this fragrance the perfect balance.