Molton Brown Perfume Samples


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Molton Brown is a London-based cosmetics house founded in 1973. Their products offer ‘well being’ therapies to help restore your inner equilibrium and allow your mind, body and spirit to feel at peace. By taking the best from tradition and technology, Molton Brown develops natural based problem solving formulas that meet their claims with integrity.

The company has launched several fragrances for men and women so far, including one niche collection. This niche collection of fine fragrances is inspired by a tour around the world—Navigations Through Scent. This exquisite collection made of the finest ingredients arrived on the market in September 2011. The house introduces five fragrances, each of them representing one location along the ancient spice route: Egypt, China, Indonesia, England and Canada.

The perfumer of this collection is Jennifer Jambon, who works as the principal perfumer for Molton Brown. She traveled worldwide in search of unusual ingredients to integrate into the collection and stated: “It was my dream to develop an artisanal collection that not only captured the essence of the Molton Brown brand, but also fragrances which resonated with the wearer in a unique and personal way.