What do we do

What do we do and what will you receive?

We provide perfume samples, using the original, authentic perfumes, transferred into bottle sizes of your choice.

All of our perfumes are decanted from the original bottles into various sized Plastic spray bottles (shown in 2nd image on each product page), using high quality measuring and decanting equipment. Everything is executed with the precision and pride that comes with being a perfume lover.

We prefer to use plastic bottles, which helps eliminate any breakages during transit. All samples will be individually labelled and supplied in a Velvet pouch (up to 5 samples per pouch).

1ml and 2ml samples are supplied in 2.2ml Plastic Spray Atomisers.

3ml Samples are supplied in 3ml Plastic Spray Atomisers

5ml Samples are supplied in 5ml Plastic Spray Atomisers.

10ml Samples are supplied in 10ml Plastic Spray Atomisers. 

Product Disclaimer

Fragrance Samples UK are by no means affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored or supported by any of the brands whose products we supply. All Logos and banners featured on this website relating to any brands are the property of said brand. Under no circumstances will we ever replicate, duplicate or copy any brand logo or trademarks nor infringe on intellectual property rights of these companies. The Fragrance Samples UK website will always clearly display to customers that the products for which this disclaimer applies are assembled using genuine fragrance products manufactured by the original and intended property rights owner. The end product which is offered, unless otherwise stated, will be genuine fragrance contained within packaging which we provide.