Dueto Parfums Golden Boy

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‘GOLDEN BOY’ is the third launch of the urban perfume brand DUETO PARFUMS. Diffusing the magic scents of today and tomorrow’s trends, this aroma represents pure urban masculinity. Its dynamic blend of exquisite ingredients of saffron, leather and suede instantly draws you in.


To set the scene, envision a room where smooth aromas blend softly with the smoke of a rich cigar. Ease into the leather couch and breathe deeply, the scent is all around you. Its unique formula contains some of the most exotic spices on earth; saffron, leather, cedarwood, suede, musk and vanilla incenses lift you to heaven.


Concentration: Eau de Parfum

Perfumer: Sonia Constant

Released: 2011

Gender: Masculine Fragrance

Availability: In Production

Type: Leather

Top Notes
Saffron & Violet Leaf

Heart Notes
Lavender, Cedar, Thyme & Leather

Base Notes
Musk, Incense, Vanilla & Suede