Frapin L'Humaniste - Fragrance Samples UK
Frapin L'Humaniste - Fragrance Samples UK

Frapin L'Humaniste

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The artistic and exclusive perfumes, which the company Frapin & Co create, represent a different idea of what luxury and beauty is about - A rare and authentic luxury, an ideal beauty, to which we all aspire. L'Humaniste represents the essence of the man of today, a man who knows the difference between good and bad, beauty and fairness.

Human freedom, which has taken a turn for the worse through a consumer society, is invited by the Parfumeur (Robertet), to sample a perfume whose values are tolerance and independence, openness and curiosity. In fact, the essence of man from whom the humanist philosophers of the 16th century could only dream of. One of the first among them was Rabelais, a member of the illustrious Frapin family.

An authentic perfume composed of single notes: gin, juniper, lemon, bergamot, thyme, Tonka, which suits the needs of a free, open and tolerant man. A perfume such as this, speaks volumes in the development of the essential qualities of mankind.


Concentration: Eau de Parfum

Perfumer: Sidonie Lancesseur

Released: 2009

Gender: Unisex Fragrance

Availability: In Production

Type: Citrus - Aromatic

Top Notes
Lemon, Bergamot

Heart Notes
Gin, Thyme

Base Notes
Juniper, Tonka Bean