Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Elixir Parfum
Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Elixir Parfum

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Elixir Parfum

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Genuine Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance, rebottled by independent bottler, Fragrance Samples UK.
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Le Male Elixir by Jean Paul Gaultier is an Amber Fougere fragrance for men. The scent was launched in 2023. Fans of the ubiquitous Le Male range of fragrances simply must try this follow up. The hugely popular series of masculine scents has many iterations and this is one that delivers a sumptous array of fragrant notes. Lavender, mint, vanilla, benzoin, tobacco, honey and tonka create a rich and charismatic masculine blend that works in any situation.
Top Notes: Lavender and Mint
Heart Notes:  Vanilla and Benzoin
Base Notes: Tobacco, Honey and Tonka Bean

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Le Male Elixir smell like?

Le Male Elixir, the new scent creation from Jean Paul Gaultier, offers an intoxicating aroma that blends the familiar and the unexpected. It's an expertly curated symphony of scents that is as multifaceted as the men who choose to wear it.
On the first whiff, it greets you with the enticing aroma of richly blended amber fougere accords. Think aromatic herbs and spices, clean and crisp lavender, and earthy, woodsy notes.

Le Male Elixir smells like a beautiful contradiction: fresh yet warm, sweet yet spicy, traditional yet modern. It's a fragrance that manages to be both comforting and exhilarating at the same time.

When did Le Male Elixir come out?

Le Male Elixir by Jean Paul Gaultier was launched in 2023. It continues the legacy of the much-loved Le Male series, embodying its spirit while introducing a sumptuous array of fragrant notes. It’s no surprise that it quickly became one of our favourites, thanks to its charismatic blend of oriental and spicy notes.

How long does Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male last?

You can typically expect Le Male Elixir to last anywhere from 7 to 12 hours. However, it will also be determined by a number of factors, including your skin type, ambient temperature, and the activity you plan to do. You can also read about how to make your perfume last longer here.

What concentration is Le Male Elixir?

Le Male Elixir has a parfum strength, which means it has one of the highest concentrations of perfume oils in the range of 20-30%. This makes it one of the most long-lasting scents available on the market today.

Is Le Male Elixir summer or winter perfume?

Le Male Elixir by Jean Paul Gaultier is a versatile men’s fragrance that is suitable for every season, including both summer and winter. However, the scent profile leans more towards the winter side because it is a more intense, sophisticated version of the classic Le Male fragrance that exudes a warm, cosy vibe.
While the parfum might tilt towards being a fall/winter perfume, it's versatile enough to be worn in the summer too, especially during the cooler evenings and nights.