Louis Cardin Sacred - Fragrance Samples UK
Louis Cardin Sacred - Fragrance Samples UK

Louis Cardin Sacred

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Louis Cardin Sacred - A dream come true. A one of a kind, French-Oriental mix.

With no finish line… let your heart race and discover the long challenging appeal 

Main notes: Sandalwood / Musk / Vanilla


The intimate scent with rich and complex notes of balanced sweetness of caramel, vanilla and powdery notes of Oriental spices. Expensive shades of sandalwood and aphrodisiac – musk and white amber. The present aroma is a true delight for the gourmet niche perfume that fascinates with its complexity and beauty, causing feelings of bliss, tranquillity and harmony. Lovers of Oriental flavours, complex and deep gourmet. Well suited for the cold season! Suitable as a “Unisex” fragrance. Long lasting.