MDCI Parfums Cuir Garamante - Fragrance Samples UK
MDCI Parfums Cuir Garamante - Fragrance Samples UK

MDCI Parfums Cuir Garamante

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“I have always been attracted to deserts, and remember with great accuracy certain trips in the Egyptian desert – the oasis of Siwa among other places, when I was very young.

There is something very special waking up in the desert in the early morning, perfectly pure but nevertheless filled with the smell or scent of the rare plants that can be found. Inevitably it triggers recollections of other fragrant things, the leather from our bags or other gear, or pieces of dead wood gathered for the camp fire…

Later in life the magic of these vast and sublime landscapes still impressed me, reinforced by a number of trips to the south of Morocca and the readings of the incredible Saharan journeys of French explorer, scientist and philosopher, Théodore Monod.

One of his works in particular, titled “L’émeraude des Garamantes”, fascinated the rock collector and desert lover in me, and was the first introduction to the lost world of this ancient people.  The name of Garamantes immediately conjures of images of a scorching sun, immense arid and mineral vastness where man had managed to survive and even to thrive, travel and trade…

The Garamante story is a rich source of dreams, and I found it appropriate to name this great fragrance accordingly…” Claude Marchal.



Concentration: Eau de Parfum

Perfumer: Claude Marchal

Released: 2013

Gender: Masculine Fragrance

Availability: In Production

Type: Leather

Top Notes
Pink Pepper, Nutmeg & Saffron

Heart Notes
Rose, Cyperus Esculentus & Leather

Base Notes
Vanilla, Labdanum, Incense & Sandalwood