Profumum Roma Battito d'Ali - Fragrance Samples UK
Profumum Roma Battito d'Ali - Fragrance Samples UK

Profumum Roma Battito d'Ali

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Battito d'ali means “the beating of wings” and implies an elusive, fragile quality – the delicate fluttering of a passing butterfly, or, in this case – angels hovering nearby. creating a magical fleeting moment of feeling protected and cherished and free of worries. Opening with a strong dose of myrrh, this initially seems very human - sharp and vaguely medicinal. Then the heart piercing radiance of ethereal orange blossom lifts us up and a delicate dusting of soft cocoa powder and sweet, gentle vanilla blend with the myrrh to create something heavenly. This is powdery and gorgeous – the gourmand notes are handled with a light hand and meld with the other elements without dominating them. This does not seem like eating a cake, but rather like passing by a room where many cakes have been baked and the sweetness has become part of the air itself. If you could wrap that air around you like a cozy blanket to fend off melancholy, it would be like wearing this exquisite scent. No one knows what angels smell like, of course - and we imagine that everyone's angel would be scented differently – but the angels in our dreams will now smell like this -- dreamy, otherworldly and infinitely comforting.


Cocoa poudre, orange blossom, myrrh, vanilla