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As a member of the ‘chypre’ family of fragrances – a category traditionally based around citrus notes, oakmoss, spices and woods – it is, like all chypres, a bit of a contradiction: crisp yet warm, refreshing yet sensual. Citrusy, piney, leathery and woody, Aramis evokes images of gentlemen’s clubs, leather-bound books, spice markets and forest floors. This is a fragrance with all the staying power of a marathon runner.

“Aramis was the first fragrance to marry up fresh cologne notes with sexy alpha male ones and that’s what’s made it truly iconic,” says perfume designer Azzi Glasser, whose father wore it when she was growing up, thus ensuring its pride of place in her olfactory memory bank. “It has a timeless formulation that exudes a magnetic sophistication, richness and confidence.”

Created by perfumer Bernard Chant, it was launched in 1964 by Estée Lauder and her husband Joseph and broke new ground by being the first prestige men’s fragrance widely available in department stores, allowing men (and women shopping for their men) easy access to fine fragrance and pretty much opening up the market for it in the process.