Fragrance Samples Collection

At Fragrance Samples UK, we pride ourselves on offering the right scent for every occasion. And what better way to discover exactly what you need than by searching our fantastically convenient fragrance samples collections. To make it even easier for you to buy perfume samples and aftershave samples from us, we have sorted our entire range into a series of handy categories so you can get straight to what interests you most. Our collections are arranged by brand, so if you have a particular favourite perfumier, you can head straight to the right place to see the lines we stock. Equally, we also select some of the top perfumes for women and top fragrances for men and curate them by theme. Whether you are looking for a new scent to suit the season or want a fragrance for a special occasion, our themed categories put all the very best perfume samples we have for sale in one handy place. Our collections are organised alphabetically, so get exploring and find a new favourite fragrance today.


All the best brands

You are only ever a click away from getting your hands on the latest perfume samples or new men’s aftershave from your favourite brands with our convenient collections. Happen to be a Tom Ford fan? Well not only do we stock all the best loved Tom Ford perfume samples such as Noir and Ombre Leather, we also have a collection of Tom Ford’s exclusive private blends for you to try out. Or is Creed more your thing? Well our Creed perfume samples collection includes everything from Aberdeen Lavender to Virgin Island Water, while our Creed cologne samples include the likes of Green Irish Tweed, Viking and Aventus.


A fragrance for every occasion

Have a special reason for wanting to add a new fragrance to your collection? Our handy themed collections are perfect for helping you make up your mind. Perhaps you are looking for a new fragrance for summer? We have collections of the best perfume samples for women and lists of the ideal men’s cologne samples perfect for that summery holiday feel. Perhaps you are after something a little out of the ordinary? We have several niche categories, as well as collections of vintage and discontinued lines. Or perhaps you would like some friendly advice on what to buy? Check out our Top 10 lists, or else browse the Best Sellers collection. The best thing about buying fragrance samples is, you don’t have to restrict yourself to one. With prices starting at under £3, you don’t have to take our word for what is best for whatever occasion - buy a handful or more and make up your own mind.


Proven quality, unbeatable service

At Fragrance Samples UK, we only stock 100% genuine and original perfumes, aftershaves and colognes sourced from the very best brands in the business. To borrow a phrase from a well-known DIY brand - you get exactly what it says on the bottle. Shipping sizes ranging from 1ml to 10ml, every sample we supply is decanted to the highest quality standards using only clean, sterile equipment and professional measuring techniques. We deliver straight to your door, meaning you can get your hands on new fragrances without having to brave the local high street beauty desks. And while you only get to sample new scents there and then in store, often having to mix several at once as you try to decide on your favourite, with our simple, convenient service, you get to add your samples to your collection and wear them out several times. If that wasn’t enough reason to get buying, all orders over £10 come with Free UK Delivery. If you spend over £30, we’ll even give you a free hand-picked sample. Want to know what our customers think? Check out the 100% 5 Star reviews on our Facebook page. Why not give us a try and join the club - then next time you are asked where to get perfume samples or men’s cologne samples, you will know exactly where to send people.