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Roja Dove is a fragrance expert, master perfumer and one of the world’s most famous noses, perfumery academic, historian and author. Born in England in 1957, he fell in love with his mother’s perfume as a child. Later, as an enthusiastic, he joined the French perfumery house Guerlain in 1981 where he eventually became their chief nose, “Professeur de Parfum”. After he left Guerlain after 20 years of work, he started his own perfumery, training and public relations company RDPR Group in 2001 and opened his Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie on the fifth floor of London's famous Harrods department store in 2004.

Roja Dove received the prestigious Gordon Whitehead Award in 2000. He is also renowned for his speeches, talks and lectures about the perfumery at globally significant venues – including London's V&A, The Barbican, The Science Museum, and the Museum of Fine Art in Boston. He also engaged in a role on the 2011 BBC three part documentary on fragrance.

From creating the world's most exclusive bespoke perfumes, to his own eponymous brand of fragrance, Roja Dove stands alone as the world's most respected perfumer. The Roja Parfums range incorporate Roja’s existing fragrance trilogy of Scandal, Unspoken, and Enslaved, along with new fragrances Reckless, Scandal Pour Homme, and a mesmerising Aoud, as well as his collection of luxury scented candles

In 2011, his Roja Dove line of fragrances was renamed Roja Parfums.