Unisex Fragrance & Perfume Samples


A fine fragrance is a fine fragrance. In today’s cosmopolitan world, notions that women’s scents should be light, floral and breezy while men’s cologne should be deep, musky and earthy have long since been left behind. After all, when it comes to smelling great, there are no rules.

With unisex fragrances, no one is trying to put you in a box. Forget labels, forget what you’re told you should buy - this is fragrance at its most free-spirited, letting your individuality and personality shine through. There should be no limits to your fragrance choices. In fact, at Fragrance Samples UK, we believe you should be able to have it all.

Our extensive range of unisex perfume samples gives you the ultimate freedom in your appreciation of fine fragrances - the freedom of choice. With dozens of 100% genuine mini perfume samples available starting at under £3 a hit, we free you from the tyranny of decision by offering a convenient, affordable way to buy fragrance samples online.

So tear up the rule book on masculine and feminine, break the chains of convention in sticking to one or two scents only. With our unisex fragrance samples. you have free reign to be whoever you want to be, with a scent for every occasion.

Fragrance sample sense

Tired of having to wait for birthdays and Christmases, hoping someone will buy you a new bottle of your favourite spray or splash? Or perhaps you want to switch up from buying the same old bottle of perfume every year for a loved one, but are paralysed by fear of forking out for something they hate?

With one of the most impressive ranges of perfume samples in the UK, we take the risk out of buying fragrances. By making choice and variety affordable with dozens of mini fragrance samples for sale, we make sure you only get the rewards.

Wish you had a different scent for every day of the week, or a selection for work and a selection for pleasure? Tired of being predictable by wearing the same scent every day? Those £50 bottles of perfume are no longer out of your price range - we’ve cut them down to size at a price you can afford.

And if you are looking to invest in that special fragrance, either as a gift to yourself or for a loved one, our mini perfume samples help you make the right choice before splashing out. Don’t rely on dabbing five or six on the same wrist in a perfume shop and then trying to fathom out which of the mingled scents you really like - do it properly, and get the goods sent to your door with our online fragrance sample service.

What you get from Fragrance Samples UK

Our unisex fragrance samples are all about freedom and choice. But at Fragrance Samples UK, we are equally concerned about quality and convenience. We pride ourselves on delivering the best products, with the best possible service.

In our unisex scent sample range, we stock fragrances from some of the finest brands in the business, including:

  • Jo Malone samples
  • Bond No.9 samples
  • Byredo samples
  • Tom Ford samples
  • Frederic Malle samples
  • Diptyque

Available in sizes ranging from 1ml to 10ml, all of our unisex fragrance samples are decanted using professional measuring techniques and clean, sterile equipment. We guarantee a 100% genuine, pure product whichever size you choose.

All sample are shipped in plastic bottles for safe transportation, All orders over £10 come with Free UK Delivery and we will even throw in a Hand-picked free sample if you spend over £30.

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