Mancera Roses Greedy - Fragrance Samples UK
Mancera Roses Greedy - Fragrance Samples UK

Mancera Roses Greedy

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We know rose scents can run the gamut from sugary-fruity girls' fragrances to powdery old ladies' scents, but what if you just want something, well, for grownups? You know, something true to the flower but still creative, rich but not overwhelming, and maybe just a tad indulgent. Rose Greedy, with its luscious, delicate rose, juicy opening, and lightly gourmand drydown, hits every note with perfection. Beginning with a restrained peach-and-blackcurrant top, Roses Greedy moves into a straightforward, gorgeous rose (with a delicate jasmine and minimal floral bouquet supporting). A base of vanilla, amber, musk and benzoin lends a delightful touch of gourmand influence without ever betraying the rose's starring role. Looking for a Rose sophisticated enough for an adult but too sexy for the nursing home? Look no further than Roses Greedy.


Mandarin, peach, coconut, blackcurrant, rose, jasmine, aquatic flowers, amber, vanilla sugar, benzoin, white musk