Tom Ford Private Blend Fleur de Portofino

Tom Ford Private Blend Fleur de Portofino

Vibrant, carefree and captivating, Private Blend Fleur de Portofino is inspired by the cascades of white flowers that spill off the branches of the white acacia – a beloved shade tree that dots the Mediterranean’s gardens and lines its tranquil avenues. Fleur de Portofino creates a crisp and bight floral accord from this bloom, then surrounds it with effervescent citruses and acacia honey. The fragrance creates an effect of sheer floral possession that is incomparably hypnotic and extremely bold.


Concentration: Eau de Parfum

Perfumer: Unknown

Released: 2015

Gender: Unisex Fragrance

Availability: In Production

Type: Citrus - Floral

Fragrance Notes
white acacia, honey and citrus