What Is A Unisex Perfume?

Did you ever wonder what is meant by a unisex perfume? Because if men are from Mars and women are from Venus, how can there be a unisex scent that appeals to both sexes? Perhaps the answer is in the question itself, but let's take it one step at a time to figure out what a unisex perfume is and if it's suited for you. 

A unisex perfume is a scent that was created with both men and women in mind. So, it lacks any gender-specific ingredients or fragrances. They are also referred to as genderless, neutral, or universal fragrances. These terms mean that the scent smells good on both sexes, but not necessarily better on one than the other. Unisex perfumes are usually created using a mixture of aromatic solvents with different chemical structures, but the type of combination is only used if the scent appeals to both sexes. Hence, unisex fragrances are designed to be non-gender specific. If it doesn't, then the scent would be labelled as male or female.

Types Of Unisex Perfume

Currently, there are many different types of unisex perfumes available, ranging from fruity, aromatic tones to flowery notes. For example, Neroli is a citrus-like fragrance derived from orange tree blossoms, which has been used in perfumes and cosmetics for centuries. It's the top note in its citrus scent, but it's not too sweet, giving its users a calming effect. In contrast, Geranium has a floral aroma that smells like lavender mixed with rose petals. It's a soothing aroma that relaxes both your body and mind after a long day at work. No wonder Geranium is a popular scent in many types of fragrances, including baby products, home decor, and even some men's eau de toilette (EDT).

Unisex fragrances can also be aromatic and have a spicy, sweet, or woodsy aroma. Many people identify this type of scent with men's eau de toilette, but you'll find these scents in women's perfumes too. Cinnamon, Vanilla, Sandalwood and Cedar are some popular examples. A unisex perfume can also have a deep, earthy, and musky smell, which is typically associated with a woody aroma. This perfume, often known as animalic, is often used to describe the smell of leather or patchouli. Some common examples include Patchouli, Vetiver and Oakmoss. 

Some people may find unisex fragrances too generic and bland to use, while others may find them invigorating and pleasant to wear. So it is a good idea to experiment with one while going out—Maison Baccarat Rouge 540 or Tom Ford Private Blend Tobacco Vanille can be a great introduction to unisex perfumes. Then, if you don't like how it makes you feel, you won't have to buy it again. Alternatively, you could simply look at its composition and decide whether it appeals to your sense of smell. You can browse through our selection of unisex fragrance and perfumes samples if you're looking for a specific scent or thinking of trying one. 

A good unisex perfume should make you feel at your best, it should make you feel at ease; and it should make you feel more alive. In any case, choosing the right perfume is important since different types of perfume have their own benefits and drawbacks– you wouldn't wear a perfume that stimulates your senses when trying to relax and unwind in the evening, would you? Whether you're feeling playful, adventerous, calm, or even shy and sheepish, there is a unisex fragrance that is suitable for every mood, event, time, situation, and occasion; so you can make the most of the moments that matter to you.