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What Is A Unisex Perfume?

Did you ever wonder what is meant by a unisex perfume? Because if men are from Mars and women are from Venus, how can there be a unisex scent that appeals to both sexes? 

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Can A Perfume Make You More Attractive?

Smell is one of the oldest and most developed senses, which is essential for our basic survival. From feeding, choosing mating partners to avoiding danger, different smells can influence human behaviour by increasing attentiveness and pain threshold, improving mood or stress response, and even evoking nostalgia.

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10 Great Niche Fragrances To Sample

Hello fellow Fraganistas!! Today, we are bringing to your attention, 10 of our favourite Niche Fragrances of All time. All are available from Fragrance Samples UK and come with our stamp of approval!

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New Website Launched

  We're extremely pleased to say that we have launched an all-new website - designed with you in mind. We listened to our customer's feedback, and have created a modern, fluid website which will make your fragrance sample shopping experience better all-round.

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